Sonic Drive in Logo 01

Did you know Sonic Drive-In has a secret menu? well, they do. It consists of several good items. Below are the items.

1. Frito Pie: This is a sinfully delicious creation. It is Fritos topped with chili and tons of nacho cheese. This item is popular in the south. It is available at a Sonic drive-in.

2. Grilled Ham and Cheese: This is a good sandwich. While Grilled Cheese is a staple, you can also get it with a few delicious slices of ham. It is available at a sonic drive-in near you!

3. Dr. Pepper Orgasm: This sounds dirty, but is not. This item is a combination of Dr. Pepper, PowerAde, and Lemonade. Sonic has all the ingredients on hand. This is available at a sonic drive-in near you!

4. Purple Sprite: This is a nice combo of Sprite, PowerAde, Lemonade, and Cranberries. This is available at a sonic near you!

5. Sonic Sunrise: This is a remake of a tequila sunrise. It is named after sonic and contains orange juice mixed with cherry limeade. This is available at a sonic drive-in near you!

6. Pickle-O's are pickles coated in batter and deep fried until they are a crispy golden brown. This is a food item that's more common in the southern United States, but can be made anywhere since the ingredients needed are always on hand. They are available at a Sonic Drive-In near you.

7. Burger Variations: Sonic has a wide variety of burgers available. What you see on the traditional menu is just a small fraction of the ones they make. There's the Dixie Cheeseburger, the Thousand Island Jr. Cheeseburger, the California Cheeseburger, and the Super Sonic Jalapeño Cheeseburger, to name a few. If you'd like a burger that's not currently on the menu, just ask. They probably have all the ingredients on hand needed to make one of the secret menu items. This is available at a Sonic Drive-in near you.